San Jose City Hate Crime

Posted: November 26, 2013 in Uncategorized


San Jose Hate Crime

San Jose, California the third largest city in California is considered the capital of silicon valley due to the rapid growth of high-technology and electronics. It is considered a major city among the nation due to its low crime rate and high cost of living. It is home to many tech companies such as Intel, Samsung, and IBM. It is home to San Jose Sharks hockey team ranked top 8 among the NHL league almost every year. It is a city that is believed to be modernized, diverse, and liberal. Yet, what do the words, “Confederate”, the “N-word”, or “swastika” have anything to do being used inside a city such as San Jose?

On November 20, 2013, San Jose State University police officers filed a report for a hate crime in which a young black man was tormented in their dormitory by 3 white males. The three males would call him “three-fifths” or the “N-word”. The three males would go so far as to lock him in his room by barricading his room door with furniture, hanging a confederate flag right in the dormitory’s hall, and tackling him in order to place a bike lock over his neck. After initial investigations, the three males claimed that these were only “pranks” and “jokes”; however, even then the three white student wrote an apology letter that was riddled with sarcasm. The students are still being investigated.

These acts of racism occurring in such a highly developed and liberal city is hard to believe that it is still even possible. People say racism against black are over and long gone and the new issue is on gay rights or women’s right to choice now, but I say racism against black is still also an issue if racist acts like these can occur in a city like San Jose. It can be seen that in a very liberal school such as San Jose State University, intersectionality still occurs. These men came from all over the state to attend this university and yet they can still come together to commit this hate crime to torment the black male and make him feel inferior. He was even afraid at night to sleep and “always locked his door”. If intersectionality and racism can occur in such a great city and liberal school, how much worse is it in a city that is not as modernized or liberal?  I believe that we must still fight not just for gender equality now and women’s rights but also against racism still because it is clearly a problem still.

I have grew up my whole life near San Jose and have experienced a very diverse culture. I attended a school where we had people from all kinds of different races and being a minority myself at the school, I never encountered any kind of racism. This is why I was so shocked and appalled when I found out about this hate crime in San Jose State University. I myself have friends that attend this school and have personally visited this campus many times and have not seen anything other than a regular college campus. It is shocking and horrifying to see something like a hate crime can still occur in a city like this in this era. I believe we must do something to prevent future occurrences, because incidents like this hurt the image of a city that is so wonderful.


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